here are some pictures of my dolls... heads, hand and feet are modelled from some kind of paperclay; bodies and dresses are handsewed - the same goes for some wigs.

This is Nelly

Her wig is handsewed from artificial hair used for woven-in-braids. She is about 40cm tall (15-16inches).

'Salue' from Monique

She is about 40 cm (15-16 inches) tall.Since November '98 she is living in Finnland. Hurray :) - the first doll I've sold!

Peggy Sue hasn't married yet ...

She is hugging her toy „Teddy Sue“.She is about 30cm tall (12inches). Perhaps she's feeling a bit homesick, cause she moved to the United States.


She is about 40cm tall. She is living in the United States. She is the first doll who left home with her clothes packed in a bag.


Silvia is taking a break, smoking a cigarette.

She is about 25 cm (10 inches) tall. - We share the bad habit of smoking;)

May I introduce Robin

She is 42cm (16.5 inches) tall. Everything except the eyes is handmade - even wig and shoes. She is going to stay with a good friend of mine in the United States.